Underway Day - Aug 5th 2013 - Times Square NYC

Event details

Guinness World Record

The current record is 2,270. We need you and your friends! Get the word out.

Swag for all participants!


August 5th, 2013
5:00pm–7:30pm EST.

Times Square at Broadway
between 46th and 47th St.

Record Breaking Rules

We encourage you to show your individuality and confidence by wearing your favorite undies, but in order to break the Guinness World Record we all must adhere to the following guidelines.

  1. Men must be wearing underpants, boxers, boxer briefs or briefs. They cannot be wearing shirts, undershirts, or jock straps.
  2. Women must wear underpants, thongs (not too revealing; allowed on a case-by-case basis), shapewear or boyshorts (that are clearly underwear). Shirts or full coverage bras are also permitted.
  3. All participants can wear socks and shoes.
  4. If it rains, ponchos are not permitted but umbrellas are.

Event Etiquette

  1. Remember that, although the National Underwear Day event is 18+ years of age, Times Square is a family-friendly location. Be courteous, but have fun. Wear fun undies, but keep in mind revealing items may be offensive to some.
  2. Nudity is strictly prohibited. Although it’s not illegal to go topless in NYC, Times Square is a family-friendly location so we should all be considerate of non-NUD participants, passers-by, and tourists.
  3. National Underwear Day is all about public displays of confidence (#PDC) but public displays of affection, towards any participants, are discouraged.

Get involved

Can’t join us in New York?
Here are 4 ways you can still celebrate!


Show us your Public Display of Confidence #PDC & You Could Win!

How it Works

Flaunt your Public Display of Confidence (PDC) by tweeting a photo of yourself in or with your underwear, in public.

Wear your underwear in the park or stroll around the mall with a purse made out of a bra – the possibilities are limitless.

Tweet us your picture @Freshpair using #PDC between July 15th and July 26th. We’ll pick the most creative entries and starting July 29th, let you vote on which one you think is the best Public Display of Confidence.

See official rules »

Join the conversation on Twitter @freshpair

Read and be inspired by other’s stories of confidence and share your own

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National Underwear Day

In an effort to publicly shine light on “unmentionables”, Freshpair founded National Underwear Day on August 5th, 2003. Over the last 10 years we’ve celebrated underwear by hosting New York City model events, massive underwear giveaways, a pop-up shop in Columbus Circle, and a Times Square runway show.

Throughout the years, thousands of people have written us and shared acts of confidence. We’ve heard from cancer survivors struggling to regain their lives, men and women suffering with poor body image, and young and old embracing their sexuality. This year National Underwear Day is about YOU.

As the founder of National Underwear Day, Freshpair understands that confidence is the byproduct of believing in one’s self. And this year we want more people to do just that. That's why we're inviting everyone who has ever doubted themselves to join us in attempting to break a Guinness World Record in Times Square. All you need to bring is your underwear.


When you feel your best, it shows.

At Freshpair, we believe that starts with perfect fitting underwear. A leading internet retailer of men's and women's intimate apparel, we offer thousands of styles from over 100 top brands. Whether you're in the market for bold new trends or want to restock your drawers with a classic favorite, we've got something for everyone.

Need style or fit help? Take advantage of our expert advice, including bra fitting tips from our bra fit expert, Ms. Fit, or speak with our exceptional customer service team for assistance. Our Freshpair family is committed to a confident lifestyle.

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National Underwear Day could not be possible without our great sponsors.

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